Jason M Rogers is a relative newcomer to photography having previously worked in a variety of roles including in the theatre. Rejoining education in 2008 at the age of 32 Jason studied A Levels at Lincoln College including Philosophy, English Literature, Communication and Culture and then Photography.

After taking a few years producing prints for the marketplace he then decided more art history and theory of fine art photography was needed. Currently studying for BA (Hons) Photography at Nottingham Trent University Jason now feels that his practical experience and newly acquired knowledge and ongoing learning help inform the photography and will shape the outcome of the work.

Branching out into corporate work and advertising and now offering other events and portraits.


Primarily concerned with photography as art I use a wide variety of materials to produce both aesthetic and often critical artworks arising from social, personal and political issues.

I find creativity in film, design, advertising, poetry, music and of course human existence and experience on both a longer time frame and a day to day basis. Important to me are metaphysical concepts or the nature of things.

The paintings and photography I take can be as serious as an expression of fundamental notions and an attempt to understand and make sense of the world on a personal level but can also be coupled with sense of whimsy, satire or irony from the immediacy of the here and now and the ideas that permeate through life and culture.

All prints are printed to the highest quality on Fine Art Papers. I use a specialist print lab who uses Ultra Pearl 295, FB Gold Silk 315, Portrait White 285, Titanium Lustre, Museum 310, Artist Watercolour 250, Photo Art Silk 300, Alpha 310 papers.

I will chose the right paper for each print, this will be a choice based on tonal range, colour or monochrome and depth to the image. Other factors may come into play too such as softness or warmth of the image.

You can find much information about these papers online but it may be a that the permajet website is a good place to start Titanium Lustre

You can request a sample of the paper and print by sending a request via email, please add the name of the print you are interested in and of course an address to send the print to.

I work from my home at Woodfield Road in Gainsborough. Please remember this is my private residence.
You can email me at
Phone or text 07968 662 598
or use the social links at the top of the page to contact me via Twitter or Facebook.